Lunch Specials

Lunch Special $7.40

Monday-Friday 11:00am-2:30pm

(Substitute fried rice or steam vegetables….. add $1.00)

(Select a choice of meat; chicken, beef, pork or Tofu for your main courses, add $1 for Shrimp)

1. BBQ chicken (dark meat)  (add $1 for white meat)

2. Orange Glaze Chicken

3. Spicy Basil

4. Broccoli

5. Sweet and Sour

6. Pepper Steak

7. Garlic Pepper

8. Veggie Delight

9. Fresh Ginger

10. Prik King

11. Cashew Chicken

12. Green Bean

13. Spicy Bamboo


1. Egg Rolls  

Veggie   $4.50

Chicken $4.95


2. Satay    $5.95

(skewers of white meat chicken marinated with Thai spices and served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad)


3. Tempura

(battered and fried to a golden crisp served with dipping sauce)

             Shrimp   $5.95

              Veggie  $5.95

     Combination  $6.95


4. Golden Boats $4.95

(Crispy Wontons filled with cream cheese and served with dipping sauce)


5. Golden Triangles   $4.95

( Crispy Wontons filled with ground chicken and spices served with dipping sauce)


 6. All wrapped Up     $6.95

(Shrimp stuffed with chicken and warapped with egg noodle fried to a golden crisp)


 7. Fried Tofu              $5.95

(Golden fried bean curd served with dipping sauce)


8. Chicken Pot Stickers   $5.95

(deep fried minced chicken and vegetable dumplings served with special sauce)


Soft Drinks $2.50 (refills dine in only)

Iced Tea     $2.50 (unsweetened)

Thai Iced Tea    $2.75 (no refills)- (no ice $3.25)

Thai Iced Coffee $2.75 (no refills)-(no ice$ 3.25)

Hot Green Tea $2.50

(please no outside food or beverages)